Here are suggested simple ways we can promote peace:
1. Record a peace message on your phone answering machine or on your cell phone
answering system.

2. Text Messaging: in most developing countries and some developed countries
receiving text messages is free. You can send mass  peace texts at minimal costs.
Quite a sizable proportion of families have at least one cell-phone. You can also use
e-mail.  If you receive peace messages, do not keep them but pass them on. Be a
peace messenger. You can also send messages on Whatapp.

3. You can send peace messages through the Internet from your personal computer,
phone, PDA, PSP, etc.

4. Display a digital display of a peace message on the rear part of your car.
Display a digital peace message in your store, office, shop, house, etc.

5. Record a peace message on your music system and program it to play back at the
start and end of each music track.

6. Display welcoming texts/voice and screen-savers with positive peace messages on
the screen of your PC, Phone, etc.
7.  Record and use positive and peace ring tones on your phones
8. Governments, organisations and individual members of the public who have the
ability can fly helicopters displaying good will and peace messages along the route
followed by the choppers in their areas of jurisdiction.

9. You can use the power of social media and email to promote peace and harmony.
Social media are widely available these days and have a wide reach. You can also
use micro-blogging sites like Twitter.

Use your technology and communication gadgets wisely and get involved in promoting
peace. Shalom!

NB: These are simple method using technology we use in our daily lives and if used in
a focused iterative but organized manner, they can have a great influence on peaceful
coexistence and positive living.
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