Peace is Everything
Peace is so important in our lives that if it goes away, all that we enjoy, including our lives,
stand threatened. Our hope in the future boils away. Our goals,aspirations and dreams in life
become meaningless. Uncertainty increases. Yet, when we enjoy peace we do not know how
fragile and important it is until that moment that it is threatened. Many people in one part in the
world or another are experiencing, or have experienced, turmoil caused by  bad governance,
insecurity, chaos, disorder, dictatorships, intolerance, or pure bullying by people with power or
arms. Extremism, instability, insecurity, and other negatives in society are a threat to peace.
Pirates are a threat to sea travel and transport in some parts as a result of instability in some
countries. The arms race between great nations and even among small nations pose an
increasing threat to local and global peace. Advances in technology, which is meant to improve
our lives, sometimes is misused by bad elements in society to kill or cause problems to others.
However, an increasingly knowledgeable world has the capacity to ensure permanent peace if
there is a will from all the world governments to respect order and peace in the world as they
have the capacity to prevent peace disruption within their jurisdiction.

Religious intolerance or extremism is also a major threat to peace. It does not matter whether
we are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or adherents of any other religion that is based
on a belief in God. We all worship the same God. If we realize this fact,  we will  look at other
religions other than ours as important and good as ours. We will respect one another and
promote peaceful coexistence. Similarly,
tolerance in other areas where there is diversity will
ensure we enjoy peace.

We can promote peace in our homes, neighborhoods and in society as a whole by
doing good

This website is an initiative to suggest ways in which we can promote peace by creating peace
awareness. It is a peace promotion initiative through modern technology and other means.
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