Good Acts
We can promote peace by doing good acts. That means simply by acting according to the Biblical golden
rule. The Ten Commandments tell us how to love God and our neighbours as we love ourselves. That is how
Jesus summarized the commandments. He further stated that we should do unto others as we would that they
do unto us. Simply put, we treat others the way we would want them to treat us. This is self-explanatory.

By acting according to the
Golden Rule, we uphold the dignity of others.

The technology we use in communicating during our daily lives can enhance our resolve to perform good
acts. We can perform these good acts en masse and reach many people at once or faster. The rate at which
we influence peace is thus enhanced by technology. Whenever we do this, we feel good about ourselves and
are further motivated to go even further. In doing we have the power and drive to continue. Action gives the
momentum and reason to go on.
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