Any form of aggression by a state or non-state actor or against any state, individuals,
communities, etc,  can provoke violence, chaos and even large-scale war. Any form of war or
violence is dangerous to local or even global peace. It kills and destroys. Its effects can be felt
for many succeeding generations. That is why nations, peoples, societies, communities, groups
and even individuals should avoid all forms of aggression and instead deliberately build
goodwill, understanding, peace, amity and friendship. Most importantly all violence and war
should always be prevented. Prevention, as we all always are aware, is the only cure know th
humanity that is 100% effective. Thus people and nations should always have strategies for
prevention of violence and war. There should always be strategies, mechanisms, procedures and
structures for conflict resolutions. Any conflict resolution mechanisms should be easily
accessible and enjoy both the support of governments and the law. They should also enjoy
public and private support.

Modern times favour peace, harmony and mutual trust.

The modern reality of globalization has made modern society a melting pot of diverse cultures.
People from all backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, races, cultures, faiths and beliefs are
present in almost every given location in the world. This positive should be used to enhance
understanding and peace! All enmity and hatred should be deliberately buried for the benefit of

We urge all peoples, communities, societies, groups, institutions, individuals and nations to be
champions of peace and end the culture of war, impunity, injustice, abuses, hatred, controversy,
enmity and violence. Violence as a strategy for peace is a killer and destroyer and is hence  
never a credible strategy. The statement that war and violence bring peace is an oxymoron. A
strategy of peace should be the approach to peace! Nations, communities, groups and
individuals should always extend a hand of peace and friendship to one another even in the
face of hostilities, conflict, controversy and animosity. They should deliberately avoid using
violence to resolve conflicts and instead use diplomacy, negotiation, mediation and arbitration
to resolve any conflicts and any thorny issues! Peace should always be given a chance to take
root and thrive everywhere for the benefit of all humanity!