Who We are

We are a peace  promotion initiative (foundation). Our
objective is to employ classic and conventional peace
promotion methods to create peace awareness worldwide
starting with the people and neighborhoods we know. That
way we aim at complementing conventional peace efforts
worldwide! We dominantly use new technology for this in
additional to tradition methods.

Our Mission
To promote peace worldwide by augmenting peace awareness
by use of the technology and gadgets we use in our daily lives
as well through other contemporary and classic methods!

Our Vision

Our vision is to help the realization of a trouble-free and
prosperous society; a society which is always aware of the
importance of peace; a society that is founded on strong
principles of democracy, human and civil rights and liberties; a
society that knows that human beings are able to uphold,
maintain, protect, enhance and perpetuate peace for their
survival and actually takes appropriate and bold action
accordingly. Peace in society should always put no person at a
disadvantage. Upholding human dignity is thus crucial.
Human rights are thus central to all peace advocacy initiatives.
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