Human beings are different in different ways. We belong to different societies, ethnic and
racial communities, religions, organizations, countries and nations. We come from different
backgrounds. We hold different political opinions. Our opinions in basically any issue are so

One of the problems we face because of the diversity of our opinions, background, origins,
beliefs, etc., is intolerance.  Many people tend to assume that their position in any issue is
the right one and hence others are wrong. This can lead to arguments and conflicts.
Everyone should realize that others have a right to their opinions just like they have to
theirs. They have a right to be who they are just like we have the same right to be
ourselves. Tolerating different opinions, backgrounds, races, tribes, communities,
age-groups or religions or religious denominations will help reduce tension and harmonize
our relationships with others. The fact that we are created equal and brought into the world
as distinct individuals means that we have a natural right to our identity, our beliefs,our
opinions, etc. We also have a natural right to express our opinions and feelings without fear
or favour as long as we do not deliberately violate the rights and dignity of others. We also
have a right to practise our religion and beliefs just like others do!  We indeed have a
natural right to co-exist with others in harmony and peace! That is why tolerance is crucial
in modern society! Every human indeed has a natural right to exist and no one should deny
any person such a right! Every living human being too has a natural right to free expression
and no one has any right to shut up anyone with the purpose of preventing such a one from
enjoying free speech! Tolerance should prevail and be seen to prevail!

Different political affiliations have led to conflicts in many places in the world. This is where
tolerance is most needed. We all have a right to belong to or support a particular political
party. If a different party other than ours dominates and wins in an election there is no point
trying to rig or cause violence to prevent the winners from taking office. Democracy is
democracy and has to be respected. That is why we need to practice tolerance in
competitive politics. Similarly we have to practice tolerance at home, in church, in private
and in public and basically anywhere. Others are as important as we are. By so doing we
create a conducive environment for permanent harmony and peace.

Religious intolerance is a major problem in modern society. People should know that
everyone has a right to worship God and practise his religion responsibly without using it as
a tool to discriminate against others! Hatred in religion is immoral and ungodly. People
should not use their religion and faith to practise hatred against people of other faiths, other
religious denominations,  races or ethnic communities. All religions are built on the tenet,
principle and doctrine of love for one's neighbour. That is why people must accept others
always irrespective of religious affiliation! All humans must be treated with dignity!  
Tolerance is crucial in religion always!

Religion should make people better! It should not make them haters and hurters! Politics too
is meant to make society more free and more democratic! It should not be used as a tool of
intolerance, disunity, prejudice and hatred! Tolerance must prevail in politics. People
express themselves to help convey a positive message, complaint, information, etc.  What
people say should not be used against them or as a ground to practise and propagate
hatred. However, people should not use free speech to propagate hatred and injustice
against good people and against progressive society!

Tolerance thus should be the culture, the norm, the more and the practice everywhere in
society! Sustainable peace and progress always ride on the foundation, wave and
crescendo of assertive tolerance!

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