Peace is paramount in our lives. More often than not, people realize its importance when it
has been lost. We can do very little without it. It matters!

We all know that it takes more than just a thought or word to ensure true peace! It often takes
consistent practices, the culture and the law. It also takes not just one person but all people in
a given jurisdiction to ensure peace! It requires both individual and common, collective effort!
Most importantly it revolves around the leadership of society!

Many places in the world are in a state of turmoil. Because we do not want to be seen to be
partisan or pointing fingers at anyone, we will not mention any specific case except as an
example. We will employ an approach which will encourage further thought and discussion in
the website visitors. Our aim is to encourage everyone to try to be a peacemaker. We know
that all violence and injustice are dangerous! That is why we will also target and focus on
efforts aimed at urging society and people to end all violence, injustice and impunity! We all
know that we all need a safe and trouble-free world and society! That is why we argue that all
violence should always be discouraged, prevented and averted! In the same way we urge
society to end the culture of impunity, injustice, abuses, exclusion and invidious discrimination
and ensure the rule of law and fair play always!

Whatever we cover here may not be exhaustive. The reader is encouraged to explore further
in web portals and other websites and books on peace. It must be noted that the basis of
peace is as spelt out in the Holy Books…the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Gita and the
Tripitaka. Whatever faith one belongs to, there is always reference to peace in that faith.

We will start with the ABC of peace and then continue with our focus. The intention is to
encourage the reader to look at peace more broadly in relation to his/her surroundings and
see how he/she can promote peace in his/her neighborhood.

We will try to encourage the reader to find the answers for himself/herself in most cases. This
is because our approach is supposed to be interactive. You may decide to write your answers
on a peace of paper or you may apply any method suitable for you.
But what we must remember is to be peacemakers and peace-keepers. That is what matters.
Always spread the peace message but be an example.

Every person is able to be a peace-maker by upholding it and by urging everyone in society
to do the same. Peace is crucial. We all need it! We all want it! That is why everyone should
be a peace-maker always!

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