Technology is good. It has positive benefits i.e. it improves the user's life as
well as enhancing the good of society! Such benefits can be fully realized when
the technology is employed positively. For instance, technology is a force for
building peace, harmony, understanding and progress! We all know that social
media, the Internet and cellular technology are a powerful tool for information
sharing, dissemination and exchange. They are a powerful tool for
communication and social interaction. They have become synonymous with
modern civilization. When we use technology to promote peace, harmony and
the good of society, such use has a multiplicative effect on the benefits society
and the people accrue from it.

Cellular phone usage is so wide today that almost every homestead in the free
world owns at least one set! People enjoy chatting to their friends, relatives and
other people because of the cellular technology. Additions of many application
into the phone have enabled users to enjoy the benefits of not only of the
Internet and the web, but also some level of advanced computing capability in
addition to media broadcast and reception. The cellular phone has become so
versatile that it is being improved continually and, by so doing, its features and
functions are becoming easier to understand and hence more user-friendly.  
There are also more and more things the user can use the phone for! It is
gradually shifting from its being an embedded computer to being more like the
laptop, commonly called the notebook or macbook! In fact today the smart
phone does much more than a computer. It is also a powerful organizer.

Social media nd micro-blogging applications on the phones are proving a
useful tool for building world understanding and peace! People living
continents apart interact continually, melting mistrust, hatred and suspicions
and replacing that with trust and friendship. That of course means that the
modern world is a better world in many ways compared to the recent past
because of modern technology! People exchange and share information so
quickly and that is good for both empowerment and progress! There are also
many other benefits including knowledge sharing and e-business.

The many positive benefits of the phone notwithstanding, many people see it
as a bother. In some countries, communication is considered a right, and if
anyone impedes the user's freedom to use the phone, the user can definitely
seek redress. This is understandable. Why? Look at a scenario where a user fears
using the phone due to some restriction imposed in, say, where he works. If, for
some reason there is an emergency affecting members of his family and it
happens that he is the only one who can provide a way out of the emergency
and say, his spouse is unable to reach him, the safety and life of whoever is
affected may be compromised! In the event that something tragic happens to
the family, who will be to blame? It is obvious. In other words, new technology
is a tool for promoting safety, crisis management and dealing with emergencies
both quickly and efficiently. When it come to safety, the role played by
modern technology can never be ignored or swept aside. Use of technology to
enhance safety and peace should thus be encouraged always.

There are many benefits of cellular technology including improved peace and
understanding within a friendship network of its users, many of whom may be
residing in different continents and hence countries on the globe. Moreover,
cellular technology can help solve many problems which are mainly puzzling
to users, but obvious to experts and law enforcement. But communication still
remains the key benefit of the technology. Impeding its use actually
incapacitates the users' ability to be within reach and, that may lead to
problems, even reduced work morale. We strongly believe that people should
be allowed to use their phones as long as it does not cause danger to them or
other people. The commonly advanced reason that the cell phone may interfere
with the proper functioning of some equipment, though true to some extent,
may not hold water as there are techniques of shielding the equipment from
such interference. Strict standards and requirements should be enforced on the
such equipment makers and purchaser as well as installers to ensure that all
interference is blocked safely without affecting either the cellular phone or the
equipment. If such measures are enforced and always implemented and adhered
to, the benefits of the technology can be exploited fully, ensuring safety,
security and improved work morale and better and improved performance,
effectiveness, goodwill, peace and understanding! That is what society needs
today for a better tomorrow.

Social media is also becoming increasingly a versatile, easily accessible and
ubiquitous form of communication and social interaction. It has become
synonymous with modern culture. It is a powerful tool for promotion of safety
and peace. It is an effective crisis management tool as well. It can effectively be
used to build teams and synergy. It is an effective platform for disseminating
information, knowledge sharing and hence empowerment. It is an efficacious
relationship building tool and friendship initiator and enhancer. It can also be
used for conflict resolution. When it comes to peace promotion, social media is